April Pixel Scrapper Blog Train is Here!


This month’s theme for the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train is Reflections. From what I see so far all of the designers

have such unique ways of interpreting the word Reflections. This is making for an amazingly diverse collection of coordinating kits!

I used Mirrors as my muse for designing my kit. I am brought back to my childhood thinking of the big round mirrors everyone had and the beveling that so many mirrors had on them. I hope you enjoy my kit and please follow the link below to get all the parts for this train! Happy April!


Click on image for download.

A-psApr15-reflections-preview-dragonfire-cu a

Animal Kingdom March Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Contribution


I am so thrilled with this month’s theme for Pixel Scrapper’s Blog Train! The theme is Animal Kingdom, and the color palette is immense! Most contributors chose different animals, and different colors from the palette to create their awesome designs. I chose to do word art with just 2 of the colors so they could coordinate with any palette. I stuck to pets people have and the words used to describe them and fun we have with them. Once I started writing it was hard to stop! I hope you find my kit useful and fun!

Please find the other contributors and their kits at the Pixel Scrapper link below:


Click on the image to download my word art portion of the train.


It’s Time for the February Pixel Scrapper Blog Train-Rustic Charm


Rustic Charm is the theme of the latest Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. I decided to finally make use of all the countless doodles I have made over the years. It was a great way to learn the Bamboo tablet my daughter gave me. I hope you enjoy!

Just click on image to download from Dropbox.

Please find the many participants in this train here: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/feb-2015-blog-train-final-list



Winter Arabesque January Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Contribution


It is time again for a new Pixel Scrapper Blog Train to go live! The theme for January is Winter Arabesque.

Below please find my part in the train. Just click on image to download.

You can find the rest of the contributors here https://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/jan-2015-blog-train-final-list

Winter Arabesque Pixel Scrapper preview


Crazy Frames Freebie


I am having a day where there is no rhyme or reason to what I am doing. Going from one thing to another and getting absolutely nothing accomplished! I decided to focus on something. so I put together a freebie for all my fellow Pixel Scrappers! I found these frames I worked on but never materialized into anything concrete, so I put them all together in hopes someone may have a use for them! Enjoy and Happy December!

link on image to download from Dropbox.

Crazy Frames Freebie

Pixel Scrapper Nutcracker Blog Train Contribution


It’s time for another Pixel Scrapper Blog Train to go Live!

This month’s theme was the Nutcracker. For my part I chose to do a take on an advent calendar, but then realized my kit could also be used to document the days of December leading up to Christmas! Please enjoy! The rest of the blog train contributors can be found at the link below.


Click on image for download.

Dragonfire Graphics Nutcracker Pixel Scrapper Blog Train contribution