I began this summer with the idea to photograph

all the small creatures I should happen to encounter.

Please enjoy looking at this colorful, tiny, and amazing world that takes place while we walk by and quite frequently don’t even notice!

I ask that you take a moment with each photo to soak in the beauty they bring, the uniqueness they hold that you may have never noticed, and the miracle of their lives that hold joys and struggles just like ours.

butterfly and zinnia duranzo frame w monarch at silo 065aW snail blue w snail in black final w 086abcdef 068 green spider 037 white spider 032 cool bug with long face 032 cool bug with long face 2 030cool bug 024 black and green caterpillar 015 fuzzy caterpillar 006 shrimp like bug 005 ladybug wolf spider white and black spider snail 5w small spider orange caterpillar mirror spider 3 japanese beetle in basil Inchworm green beetle 2a dragonfly aw cricket 2 big fly on window 160 cricket and his shadow 148caterpillar 2 142 stink bug maybe 103 hairy bug

rust colored big spider

arrowhead spider 2 arrowhead spiderjumpy spider2bug and zinnia w bee and milkweed